January 22, 2019 1 By kumardeepak381

The word life seems to be a heavy word for many of us, but have we ever contemplated about this word in our mind. What exactly it is? Is it the same as we are living or it is different which we haven’t discovered yet.

Let’s go through some basic meanings which science gives us regarding this term life. Life is the condition which distinguishes humans, animals, plants from inorganic substances characterized by continuous metabolic activity like growth, development, response to stimulation etc. Does science convinced us with its terminology regarding life?. I guess no not fully, we have only understood the difference of being a living thing not a non-living thing. By knowing the same we can not conclude the whole term life. Life has a vast meaning and in my point of view, it is a journey which starts from our birth and in this journey what we get is experiences, achievments